About us

GAIN has fully allocated two Vehicles so far and a third Fund is coming soon.

  • 34 Limited Partners
  • 2 mdd invested
  • Three liquidity events 

GAIN operates in a specific segment of Venture Capital. They are called investment Clubs. Thus, invests exactly just like a regular VC but with two differences: Fund size (from 1mdd to 5 mdd) and every Limited Partner is invited to the Investment Committee.


  • Ticket size from 50k to 250k USD
  • Early stage: Pre seed, Seed and Series A
  • Industry agnostic
  • Focused on: Amazing, full time, LATAM
  • Founders
  • MVP´s, Prototype, Pretotype, etc are desirable
  • Traction, if pre revenue, has a solid reason to think people would buy this solution.
  • Business model that could easily cross borders or fundraise from foreign investors 


The pioneer Angel Investor in Guadalajara

  • GAIN is looking for new Partners to create awesome companies. If you are interested in GAIN as Investor, start by sending an email about: you, your company and Fundraising Round to contacto@gdlangels.mx